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Misc. Supplies - Incense/Censers - a78-2
Nativity & Adoration Brand Incense - a78-2
One pound bag

Rich, robust aromas from only the very finest oils, roots, powders and frankincense. Still made in small, controlled batches using old world techniques and recipes, ensuring the highest quality burn every time. Handmade exclusively by Kaufer's since 1915.

Adoration Brand: Natural herbs, spices, oils and exotic ingredients from around the World - combined to create our own one of a kind incenses.
Nativity Brand: Assorted ingredients in various combinations and some distinctively well loved fragrances including Frankincense and Myrrh, each uniquely different.

Adoration Brand Incense:
-Roma: Rich, robus aroma. Hints of citrus orange and sadalwood.
-Vita Mundi: The classic aroma of yesteryear. Floral scents are predominant.
-Monastery Blanc: Cinnamon / Rose incense, with a woody aroma.

Nativity Brand Incense:
-Natural Frankincense: The highest quality available from the Middle East. Fruity aroma, pea-size granules.
-Holy Night: The finest Natural Frankincense, blended with sweet floral scents and spices.
-Jerusalem: Frankincense mixed with various floral scents.
-Benedictine: Frankincense with a touch of cinnamon and rose oil.
-Oriental: Floral and citrus oils in a subtle blend with Frankincense.
-French: Combination of Frankincense with rose bouquet and spices.
-Russian Lump: Powerful old world aroma, long lasting scent. Popular with Orthodox churches.
-Myrrh: Quality amber color, rich scent.
-Frankincense & Myrrh: Traditional blend of the Gifts of the Magi.

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Misc. Supplies - Incense/Censers - a78-2
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